The links below are built up of places, services, accommodation providers, web sites etc. that we have come into contact with during our motor sport adventures. We will build this up as we go along and will also include a description of the link, telling you a little of why and how.

Useful Links

The Level Crossing - Bistro & Beds - Bunkhouse, Llandovery, Mid Wales
+44 1550 721155

We came across the very reasonably priced accommodation whilst booking for the Tour Of Epynt Rally 2014. It is centrally located, only 0.5 miles from the rally HQ. They offer all levels of accommodation and would make a great base for exploring the surrounding area. For more details check out their website or give them a ring. Will update this listing once we have returned from our stay.

OBP Motorsport - Longlands Lakes, Uggmere Court Road, Ramsey Heights, Peterborough
+44 1487 812301

Initially used as the supplied for our hydraulic handbrake we continued to use them for our other braking products as well. OBP produce all types of braking products along with specialist alloy products for all genre of motorsport. One of our main reasons for using this company is that they have excellent customer support, no question is ever left un-answered.

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